Saturday, October 2, 2010


So I'm stuck in the DMV for a while today, and I thought I'd write about some of the places I plan on seeing on my upcoming pilgrimage. Even though it doesn't get too awfully cold here in coastal Oregon, I figure I'll be doing myself no disservice by perusing the southern states for a while. My plans are to leave Astoria and head as south as possible, as quick as possible. I've never spent much time in California, and I do have a lot of friends there, so I'm sure the first leg of my journey will be spent exploring the golden state. From there I'll beeline it straight for Arizona, seeing more long lost friends and checking out Flagstaff and Pheonix. More travel along the border, maybe a stop by the Grand Canyon, to Austin, TX. I've always wanted to check out some of the fantastic music scene in that town. From there I might jump to Nashville, or go straight to New Orleans, where I have
more friends. (And it's where the most amazing music scene in America lives, from what I hear.) Then a flash through beautiful Florida, and it's up the eastern seaboard, with a quick stop in Washington DC and a straight line to New England. Once in Boston, I plan on getting drunk and fighting some locals, a personal life goal of mine. It's maybe then going to be time for the biggest stop, New York City. I've had dreams about New York my entire life, and I'd really like to explore the whole city. A bonus is I have several friends, and I think even a little family there, as well as family in Albany, the last stop of my eastern travel. Then my trip gets a little weird. I really have no major goals after NY state, I'd like to see Chicago, but I may spend the rest of my trip back freezing my ass off in Canada.
It's all dependent, of course, and it's gonna be frightening at times, and sometimes downright boring, but goddammit I'm fucking excited. If you or any of your friends live in the preceding places, let me know if I can crash on some couches and take a shower, cause I'm gonna reek. Thanks, loyal readers.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Getting Started

Hey, y'all. Trying to figure this stuff out. With this blog I should (hopefully) support my travels around the country. If I get enough people clicking my ads, I should make a coupla bucks. So please, click that crap.

Anyway, here's the mission statement.

In early January, I'll be buying a Discovery Pass from Greyhound that will provide me with two months unlimited travel in The United States and Canada. I'm going to couple this with to create a network of places to sleep, shower etc. Hopefully this will provide many awesome adventures and a little madness, which always makes shit interesting.
I plan on updating daily with videos, and if you're nice to me, maybe I'll even bring you back a present. So leave me comments, and please, click on the ads. It's help me out a lot and it's not that much of a hassle.
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